WHY I DESIGN ? | #YiD - @artxnachauntae

My name is Nachauntae Fearon (@artxnachauntae) is . I’m an accountant by day and a visual artist by night. I started my painting journey in December 2015 and I haven’t been able to look back. Painting has filled that void in my life that I didn’t even realize was there. I was always very artistic as a child- always doodling, creating or just going in on school projects. I had originally planned to go to an arts high school to try to take my art to the next level, however I broke my hand before I could even apply and then my life just went in a different direction and I kind of just drifted away from art. Then randomly...

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WHY I DESIGN ? | #YiD - @love_erinn_ 

My name is Erinn Johnson and some go by Love Erinn.  Painter, Tattoo artist, Poet, and soon to be Art Therapist-Hello my loves! Now, I'm not sure how to express the amount of nurture, care, and beauty I have for the Fine Arts. But, it serves as not only a passion but, a purpose I try to master daily. It's vital to practice what you purpose, art has a healing power like no other, and with my art that is how I see the world. (Moment 1:) Well, it started early for me. When I was younger-let me just tell you how great my grandmother was-when I was about 4 or 5 she would always give me a lined sheet...

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