WHY I DESIGN ? | #YiD - @love_erinn_ 

My name is Erinn Johnson and some go by Love Erinn. 

Painter, Tattoo artist, Poet, and soon to be Art Therapist-Hello my loves!

Now, I'm not sure how to express the amount of nurture, care, and beauty I have for the Fine Arts. But, it serves as not only a passion but, a purpose I try to master daily. It's vital to practice what you purpose, art has a healing power like no other, and with my art that is how I see the world.

(Moment 1:) Well, it started early for me. When I was younger-let me just tell you how great my grandmother was-when I was about 4 or 5 she would always give me a lined sheet of paper.


But, I would always ask my grandmother to see my Dad's drawings first. She would walk into the hallway closet and grab this manilla folder with amazing art hidden in it.

My dad has everything from pointillism drawings to traditionalism water-color paintings. Consistently drawing every day on paper with a PEN, no pencils. I drew a lot of portraits and houses for some odd reason, that was me cognitively at the time.

(Moment 2:) But, before my 2nd grandmother passed away, I spent time with her in Little Rock, Arkansas for the summer to help out with an outing. She noticed I had a strong interest in caricatures, so she said, "how about you draw caricatures of kids and their parents at the outing" and charge $5.

I was so scared lol, I didn't think that people would like them at all, but boy I was wrong. (The magical moment:) Now years have passed, currently I was in High-school, no money at the time but, I wanted to create something sentimental for my grandmother for Christmas. Her sister passed away around the age of 40, and if you see their photos, they look like twins. Being the great investigator, I went to my great, great grandmother to get a photo to reference.

Now, the day is Christmas, we are opening gifts, but I wanted my gift to be the last gift to be opened. Waiting patiently, my grandmother begins to open it and she begins to ball out in tears. And I think that day I realized I needed to continue creating and to be open to the possibilities.




Years ago when I was in college, I wanted to learn to tattoo so bad-a friend of mine Rico taught me a few things, but it's amazing to know that 4 years later I'm doing just that.

This was actually recent, during 2017, I began drawing with charcoal on wood. I drew a man crying, and posted a digital motion of him crying on Facebook, my dad saw it and he told me, "sweetheart don't do what I did and waste it" so, I took that with so much depth attached to it. It's meaningful because, I believed my Dad was the greatest artist growing up- that's the only artist that I embraced growing up.

There has been many occasions when I wanted to give up and there has been many times where people would tell me, "you'll never make any money being an artist"- and I don't make art for the money, I don't make it for appraisal- I make it for me. Reverting back to my first statement, Art is how I envision my world.

Economically and art politically. A lot of customers or people in general place no value on artists. For prime example: It gets to the heart of something that we believe about doctors: they are experts. Their expertise is valuable. Anybody can cut a body open, but a doctor goes to school for years to learn how to do it properly. Society accepts this argument for many fields besides medicine. And they are expected to be experts and compensated accordingly.

Society pays professional athletes millions of dollars to play games we all played as kids. This is not how many think of art. As a society, individuals have decided that artists are not experts but amateurs and deserve to be treated accordingly.

Society has decided that art is free because artists are seen as hobbyists.

This means that I have to work that much harder to justify my stance that I went to get my bachelors in art and it was to be a professional artist and, therefore, I am an artist.

What many don’t realize is that every painting, drawing, etc. I put here is the product of 20 years of practice. I see all of the art that’s been dumped into the world for free and many don’t realize what it truly is. Art is a struggle, too, and it’s scarier than medical school. There’s no guarantee at the end of the artist’s path.

Advice 1: First and foremost, you are your biggest competitor!

Everything that is standing in your way does not exist. As an Artist, you have the ability to live in a world different from others and create a vision from which you see it from. You are a threat to many, but, don't let that scare you.⠀⠀⠀




Advice 2: Trial and error is your best friend, but not only that, it continues to challenge what you purpose within your art.

Just because it won't come easily, doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

My experience has taught me to lead with respect, patience, and to ALWAYS be Godly.

But also, collaborating with artists, working with like-minded individuals is a refreshing way to keep your artistic abilities and creative thinking replenished. Bad company will corrupt good character!

Keep the Artist in you full of joy and nurtured. Never grow up! I wish I was able to tell myself, "Erinn get out of your own way" years ago. I never thought I was ever good enough.

For me, sometimes. From the outside looking in, people really think I'm lonely. There's a contradictory that if you sit at a table alone eating and drawing your lonely! WHAT!? Lol.

When I decide to create, it's normally personal time with my spirit, with my mind, and my emotional being.

Sort of meditating away from the world. And going into my studio to talk with Erinn and explore this world of hers with a billion ideas.

And being a female tattoo artist is not easy either. But, even beyond that I like to collaborate, but I like to keep my ideas sacred- majority of it is emotional, political, mental, dealing with awareness or even high in depth.

Speaking about it is more difficult than me putting it on a canvas. The reality of it is that, only a few will understand you, however people will choose to see what they want-the beauty in it, another cool painting, or take what they want from that moment. But, it's exciting to live free as an Artist, traveling, meeting new people who enjoy the best part of you.

That is so tough! It's difficult to be minimal about the love and the joy I get out of people who love my work that I beat myself up about all the time. Lol. But I believe there was a piece I did dedicated to the hip-hop culture of Houston.

It hit home for a lot of people from the North side of Houston and the Southside. They enjoyed the memory attached to it, but thinking back to everything that I have created I enjoy the emotions and facial expressions of people from different age groups inside/outside of Texas. And dealing with covering up tattoos as well, people have these sorrowful memories or unwanted scars attached to them, and it's excited that I get the privilege to fix it.

I admire Banksy for truth, @713roggtm for being able to piece together tattoos beautifully,@artist.jg for being an explosive creator of caricatures, and @creativelyraven for putting love into everything she does.

I would love to feature @creativelyraven next !!!