WHY I DESIGN ? | #YiD - @queen_of_canvas

 My name is Tyla Marshall and I am a freelance painter/sketch artist.

One day I was randomly looking a picture of Jiminy Cricket and decided to draw it and was surprised at out good it came out and how easy it was for me to just look at something and draw it out.

I've never been the type to verbally express my emotions and I was going through relationship problems in my early stages of art so I used my emotions as fuel for a piece and realized it was actually a good way to express myself.

The one thing I can say about the art world is that there are many talented artists out there who don't get the recognition they deserve because of the fact that they have a smaller following, and I also feel like artists aren't really taken seriously.

Advice 1: My advice to other artists is to keep working to better your craft even when you aren't inspired or feel like you aren't getting anywhere try to at least do something as simple as sketch.

- Tyla Marshall



Being an artist can be tough especially when your in the beginning stages and aren't making much or even anything from it.

You have to be willing to stay home over going out with friends sometimes just to finish a piece or even staying up late nights. Remembering my overall goal and focusing on that helps me to get through it.

Advice 2: Another piece of advice would be to create what makes you happy.

Don't try to replicate another artists style because you see it gets a lot of attention, make your art from the heart because that's what will make you stand out.

The most memorable response to my artwork that I will always remember is when I painted rick Ross and had everyone tag him and he commented salute with a paint palette emoji.

The three artists I admire are Rob Regis, Danielle's artwork, and bktheartist. I would love to feature @kiddcurt next!

- Tyla Marshall