About Us


A unique collective showcasing creatives through storytelling.

 We started this community with the sole aim of giving creatives a voice to share their story, talent and reach new audiences globally.

 We realized creatives put their time and effort into their work but often receive little return.

 In present times creatives often receive a few likes and comments on social media then it's on to the next one.
We changed that narrative by putting the spotlight back on the creative.

How is that possible?

 We created a concept called “Creative Storytelling” which has enabled us to showcase stories across various creative disciplines
such as Fashion, Art, Music, and Design.

We ensure each creative niche has its own unique series
e.g. #YiD, #FILF, MISM.

 We work with hundreds of creatives globally to share their unique stories online giving them a voice to speak about the highs and lows of their journey so far.

Our team continues to showcase creatives and their stories in order to
connect, expose and present them with new opportunities.

We believe one thing at filf
“Every Creative Has A Story”